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Boating and fishing are popular activities for people across the nation, with the 2013 Special Report on Fishing and Boating indicating that 47 million Americans went fishing in 2012, 46.8 million participated in a boating activity and 21.2 million owned a boat.

Marine Boating






Boat Engine Options

Boat applications can be broken down into four primary methods of propulsion. Available in both two- and four-stroke designs, outboard motors are self-contained units (engine, gearbox and propeller/jet drive) that mount outside the hull of the boat; inboard motors are enclosed within the hull; sterndrive (inboard/outboard) designs situate the engine forward of the transom, with the drive unit outside the hull; and jet motors propel the boat by drawing water into a pump and ejecting it out the stern. According to the 2013 Special Report on Fishing and Boating, 53.1% of boats are powered by outboard motors, while 16% feature inboard motors, 15 % have sterndrive motors, 3.3% have jet motors and 12.7% are not motorized.

AMSOIL Products for Marine Applications

A successful day fishing or boating hinges on the reliability of marine engines. Deposits and wear from high-rpm operation and all-day trolling can limit performance and even shorten engine life, especially in newer engines that run hotter and produce more power. AMSOIL synthetic marine lubricants, including Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Synthetic Motor Oil (WCT, WCF) and HP Marine™ Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (HPM), are formulated to control harmful deposits and wear in outboard, inboard and sterndrive motors.

AMSOIL products are ideal for boaters because they effectively reduce time and money spent on maintenance and increase fuel economy. In fact, research reveals maintenance and fuel costs are foremost on the minds of boaters. The top three reasons ex-boaters cited for giving up their boats are cost of maintenance/ storage (41.1%), cost of fuel (21.5%) and time constraints (20.6%).

AMSOIL Products for Tow Vehicles and Trailers

Don’t forget about tow vehicles and trailers. AMSOIL offers not only premium synthetic marine oils for boat motors, but AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, diesel oils and drivetrain fluids for tow vehicles and Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease (GWR) for trailers. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and diesel oils help reduce maintenance and downtime and extend drain intervals, allowing increased time on the water.


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AMSOIL Adds 700-Hour Limit to Synthetic Signature Series Oil Drain Interval

AMSOIL Adds 700-Hour Limit to Signature Series Drain Interval

Because a motor oil’s service life can be greatly affected by vehicle operating conditions, AMSOIL provides definitions for normal and severe service and recommends corresponding drain intervals for each. One of the conditions used to identify severe service is “excessive idling.” Because this term is somewhat ambiguous, AMSOIL is adding a 700-hour limitation to its Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil drain interval for vehicles subjected to excessive idling. In normal service, Signature Series is recommended for up to 25,000 miles, 700 hours of operation or one year, whichever comes first. In severe service, Signature Series is recommended for up to 15,000 miles, 700 hours of service or one year, whichever comes first.


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