Heavy Duty maintenance look up guide

The AMSOIL Corporate Website now features a new Heavy-Duty Product Guide. It provides product recommendations for a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles. The new guide covers engine oil, filters, transmission fluid, differential fluid, grease and coolant. It has recommendations for vehicles from 1999 to the present and will receive regular updates. For older vehicles, please contact Technical Services at 715-399-8324. Check out the new Heavy-Duty Product Guide here.





How to fix a snowmobile track maintenance

Over time, your snowmobile track can stretch and loosen. Eventually you may hear loud clunking sounds and feel the sled shudder as the track’s drive lugs slip over the drive shaft – known as ratcheting.

This robs your sled of power and momentum. Not good if you plunge into deep powder or lay into the throttle to deadhead it across a lake.

Before you hit the trail or mountainside this season, make sure your track is properly tensioned. Check out this video from our experts to find out how.  

How To Adjust the Track on your Snowmobile


Snowmobile Maintenance
Snowmobile Maintenance


And, don’t forget to stock up on AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oil They’re dialed in to deliver excellent cold-flow while protecting against deposits and wear, whether you ride a Polaris®, Ski-Doo®, Arctic Cat® or other brand.


AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

  • Exceptional low-temperature performance
  • Prevents exhaust power valve sticking
  • Prevents piston scuffing


“… I have had zero engine problems and clean spark plugs every time I’ve pulled them. OEM oils are nearly double the cost of this product.”
– Danjp, Maine